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82240B vs 82240A - Alberto Fenini - 06-26-2010

ciao a tutti,

since I began to add LCD units to my collection, the moment has

arrived to add a printer too...

However, it fails me what is the main difference between the A and the B model.

Thanks in advance for the explanation ! Alberto

Re: 82240B vs 82240A - Diego Diaz - 06-26-2010


And welcome to the LCD side... :-)

I think you should find a complete answer here.

Cheers from the Canary Islands.


Re: 82240B vs 82240A - Michael de Estrada - 06-26-2010


It depends which calculator you are using. For example, if you use an 82240A printer with an HP-48S(X) calculator, 24 of the HP-48S character set cannot be printed, whereas they can be with an 82240B. Also, many characters have to be remapped, because thay have different character codes. So, basically, if you can get a 82240B then do so, since it will be backwards compatible with older calculators as well as fully support newer ones. I use an 82240B with an HP-41CV with IR module, HP-28S, HP-42S, HP-48SX and HP-50g.


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Re: 82240B vs 82240A - Ignazio Cara (Italy) - 06-27-2010

Ciao Alberto,

take a look here as well.



Re: 82240B vs 82240A - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 06-27-2010

Ciao, Alberto;

I have one unit of each type, and I must confess I have not been using them for some time. I recently bought an 82240A for the sake of having one sample of it, not for the need.

I used the 82240B a lot since its printout reads much better than the 82240A (graphics print the same in both), but when 'heavy work' is needed with ASCII-based text files, I prefer collecting the IR emissions with an HP48 (S or G, no matter), save a copy of the file in a computer, organize the text in a word processor and then print it in a laser (or inkjet) printer. I choose this kind of output when there is a lot of things to be printed: program listings, registers/variables/memory contents, track programs (TRACE mode), and so.

Although it seems a lot of unnecessary work, you control the output format as you want/need, and the final printout is actually saved as a file, not only as a hard-copy (that may fade away with time and environment conditions).

I use the 82240A/B only when I need fast, fewer lines as output. The process above applies with many advantages when tracing programs. I found that useful back in the beginning of this 'century' (2002, perhaps) when tracking down large HP41 programs prior to generate their HP48, RPL versions. Looking at the trace output (200, 300 lines and even more) in a PC monitor or in A4-size paper sheets (three/four columns) was a lot easier. And whenever I needed, the plain-text file was available for further formatting.


Luiz (Brazil)

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