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Why HP Really bought Palm - Norman Dziedzic - 06-02-2010


Re: Why HP Really bought Palm - Bruce Bergman - 06-02-2010

Actually, anyone who owns a WebOS device could tell you THAT in a heartbeat! :-)

WebOS is amazing. It really beats the pants off the iPhone and iPad. For example, on WebOS, I can listen to Pandora streaming music (or my own MP3's) through a bluetooth stereo connection to my headphones, all the while browsing the web and sending/receiving text messages, and at the same time, picking up my email and navigating a GPS route with voice guidance. You simply can't do that with an iPhone or iPad. Not even close.

And lately, there have been some really awesome games for WebOS -- better looking and better functioning than those on the iPad/iPhone. I just wish there were more of them at this point. There's no question that Apple wins on the number of apps available. Even Android has more apps than WebOS, unfortunately. But the developers are trying (and the development stack is much friendlier on WebOS).

WebOS a brilliant piece of software. The Palm Pre (and Pre Plus) are "just okay" devices, but they have reliability problems and glitch up from time to time. The battery life sucks too. That's not the fault of WebOS, but of Palm, for putting out piece-o-crap phone hardware. I keep waiting for the next WebOS hardware to come out...

As soon as I had heard that HP bought Palm, I knew what they were after. They wanted WebOS. Put it on something like the HP Slate and you're going to, IMHO, have the strongest and only "real" competitor to the iPad that will come out for the next few years. The Android tablets are going to be a good third place, but when you see WebOS running on that kind of form factor, and understand what it can do, you would agree, I think.

The sad part is that just last week, HP said that they wouldn't have WebOS on the Slate because it's just not ready (the hardware, not WebOS). I was planning on waiting for the Slate, but until they put WebOS on it, I'm not interested.