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I know it doesn't make sense but ... - Alberto Fenini - 05-27-2010

ciao a tutti,

I know, it's a non sense, but it's happening.
I have just received this HP65 (S/N 1511A01736), and when I mean just received, I mean I have opened now the postal box.
Battery is dead, so I have put under charge one of my spare battery packs with an external charger.
Few minutes of charge, and then I couldn't resist.
Since the unit was sold "as is", I was expecting the worst.
Anyway, the unit lights up, and does work (basic calculations)
I was ready to open for a card reader inspection,
battery had been removed for a minute or two, while I wanted to test the programming mode (I usually wirte few lines to compute the area of a circle).
When I switched in programming mode and ... some lines of code where already there.
Turn the machine on and off several time, again take the batteries out and ... the lines don't go away.
Then I take out of the shelfs my other two HP65 units (S/N 1604S01890 and S/N 1503S09967) and ...they do the same.

The listing that it's already in the machine is the same, if of interest I can copy it down.

Now, to the questions :
was the HP65 capable of retaining a program when switched off ?
Which program is ?
I mean, even if the answer to the question before was yes, and
let't say that after restoring on both my other units the card reader I have loaded by accident the same program, it's certainly cannot be true for this third machine ...

What do you think ?

Re: I know it doesn't make sense but ... - Don Shepherd - 05-27-2010

Yes, when you turn on the HP-65 it has the program lines that support the default functions associated with the A, B, C, D, and E keys: 1/x, sqrt(x), y^x, roll down, and x<->y. That's normal.

Re: I know it doesn't make sense but ... - Alberto Fenini - 05-27-2010

Thank you very much,
I hoped I had discovered a rarity, but looks more like I have discovered the hot water
anyway,the older units have a bigger keyboard lettering
the newer have smaller characters, how many different versions are known ?
take care and thx again, Alberto