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HP prototypes - Keith Midson - 05-23-2010

Hi all, I have seen some "proto" units listed on that auction site recently. Two in particular have been stamped with "PROTO UNIT NOT FOR SALE" on the back.

Did HP ever do this? Is this someone having a bit of a joke, or did HP actually mark some of their prototype units with this type of identifying mark? I know the Xpanders had a sticker on the back "Non Commercial Prototype" (I have one). The etched "Proto Unit" markings look a little dodgy to me.

Cheers, Keith

Re: HP prototypes - Paul Dale - 05-24-2010

I've got a box somewhere with some prototypes from a never realised ACO product. From memory, there isn't anything identifying on the devices. The box has HP as the sender I believe.

- Pauli

Re: HP prototypes - Allen - 05-24-2010

I have seen a number of Pioneers Units directly from Corvallis Employees that were heat-marked "DONATION UNIT NOT FOR RESALE" but I do not recall ever seeing "PROTO" markings like you describe.

I have seen this - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 05-25-2010

I think on a 95LX and a 48SX. This has been molten into the plastic.