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HHC2010? - Bill Zimmerly - 05-20-2010

I notice from this page ( http://holyjoe.net/hhc2009/changes.htm ) that last year's conference page went "live" on April 21st. Does anyone have news on this year's?

Sign me - anxious and excited. ;)

- Bill

Re: HHC2010? - BobVA - 05-20-2010

See Gene Wright's note in this thread:

HHC 2009: Guessing

Re: HHC2010? - Gene Wright - 05-20-2010

Sorry, an infinite loop was set up.


1) No confirmed location. Las Vegas is turning out to be more expensive that going to Fort Collins AND renting a car. Hotel rates AND conference room rental fees would mean more $$ spent compared to last year even if most everyone rents a car. Has the committee quite perplexed.

2) No agenda yet either.

Re: HHC2010? - Bill Zimmerly - 05-20-2010

Thanks for the reply. If we can't get Vegas ... perhaps Chicago? :)

Re: HHC2010? - Bill Zimmerly - 05-20-2010

Of course, Fort Collins again would be great too.

Re: HHC2010? - Bruce Bergman - 05-20-2010

San Diego.

I personally guarantee it's cheaper. ;-)

Re: HHC2010? - Katie Wasserman - 05-20-2010

How about somewhere on the east coast for a change, maybe near Philadelphia, I think there are a number of HP fans in the area. It would make it easier for Europeans to get to as well.


Re: HHC2010? - Gene Wright - 05-21-2010

East coast would be nice.

However, a conference really takes someone local who can give a LOT of their time to pull it off. If we said "Atlanta!" we really can't do it unless someone IN Atlanta is willing to do legwork for months and give up a lot of the week of the conference to get it going.

Takes a lot more work than most people think.

AND, it takes more work if the conference is being held at a hotel. HP facilities remove a lot of headaches in addition to costs.

One of the largest attended conferences recently was held in San Jose. Why? Perhaps just the make up of the local population - high techies everywhere.

Might not be so here in Country Music TN. :-)

Re: HHC2010? - PeterP - 05-21-2010

East coast would be nice, but it's hard to be cheap here... Still, would be nice...

Re: HHC2010? - Bill Zimmerly - 05-21-2010

Gene, I've never attempted to organize a conference before, but what other kind of "legwork for months" is required?

I called a few local Hotels (Festus, Missouri) and gave them the basic parameters: 20 to 50 people, mid-to-late October, 3 days, 2 nights, conference room to support from 20 to 50 people - and the prices ranged from $52.99 to $72.99 per room.

Beyond that, what other things is the local coordinator responsible for?

Re: HHC2010? - Richard J. Nelson - 05-21-2010

Conference Considerations
1. Hotel close to Airport - no rental car.
2. Meeting Room close to (in) hotel - saves time
3. Room nights at hotel (guaranteed)can save Meeting room costs
4. Meeting room (good size) Saturday 7:30am-10:00pm,Sunday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm.
5. Meals reasonable and very close (saves time)
3 & 5 may work together to make a package deal towards Meeting room costs.
6. We have HP's limited support and using their facilities saves about the $1,500 -$2,000 Meeting room cost.
Anyone who wants to get quotes at a hotel near an International airport could help.
I hope to check out Vegas next week for first hand details, but that is a two+ day trip which must be done M-F.

We hope to have a decision ASAP.

X < > Y, Richard

Re: HHC2010? - Bill Zimmerly - 05-21-2010

Thanks Richard - that helps to explain what goes into it.

Re: HHC2010? - Jake Schwartz - 05-21-2010

Thanks Richard - that helps to explain what goes into it.

How about the nitty gritty details for the meeting room, like seating arrangements so everyone has table space, adequate electricity to plug things in, computer projector and screen, blackboards/whiteboards or easels with markers, tables, tables and more tables, possibly making and putting up signs, making sure the group has the rooms at least until midnight each day, getting security to guarantee that nothing "walks away" while the group leaves for the night in between the two conference days, having some sort of public-address system, podium, etc. If there isn't adequate restaurant facilities nearby, you might have to figure out how to get people to places to eat lunch. If something had to be printed at the last minute, you might need to locate a printing facility nearby. If somebody needed a last-minute piece of equipment (cable, USB stick, whatever), you might want to know the location the nearest Best Buy, Staples or Fry's or whatever. It is amazing what can come up when you least expect it.


Re: HHC2010? - Allen - 05-21-2010


...you might want to know the location the nearest Best Buy, Staples or Fry's or whatever....

right :) where you can buy anything on the market EXCEPT an HP calculator.

Re: HHC2010? - Bruce Bergman - 05-21-2010

All great info. I will check around at a couple of places here in San Diego that I've worked with before. I'll see what I can come up with and get back to you guys.



Re: HHC2010? - Bruce Bergman - 05-21-2010

Gene, I think one of the other draws for San Jose is that it reasonably convenient for a LOT of people, the prices are low (it's not San Francisco), including flights and there is some "history" in that region. All of those help to make that a popular destination.

I would, by the way, easily welcome another San Jose meeting.



Re: HHC2010? - Martin Pinckney - 05-21-2010

East coast would be nice, but it's hard to be cheap here... Still, would be nice...

Are you kidding? LOTS of cheap places... just not in the big metropolitan areas.

Re: HHC2010? - Bill Zimmerly - 05-22-2010

Thanks Jake! - By the way, I *love* the DVDs! ;)

Re: HHC2010? - Namir - 05-22-2010

Hmmmm.... maybe I will look into doing HHC2011 in Richmond, Virginia. I'll check hotels near the airport. There is a new shopping center with many eateries and many other chain stores that opened last year near the airport.


Re: HHC2010? - BobVA - 05-23-2010

In case it's of any use, some Vegas observations from my experience...

- Broad selection of hotel/conference facilities within walking distance of each other. That would allow people to select hotel rates according to their taste, assuming the conference facilities weren't bundled with a minimum room commitment.

- Lots of other things to do without needing a car, so a less-HP-interested SO might come along.

- Cost of the airfare could amortized (ok, rationalized!) over both HHC and a small vacation.

- No shortage of airline connections (including some direct flights from Asia and England)

- Equally inconvenient for almost everybody :-)


Re: HHC2010? - BobVA - 05-23-2010

The Computer History Museum in SJ if fabulous. I see they got the loan extended on the Babbage Difference Engine, which is well worth a detour if anybody is in the area.