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HHC 2009: Guessing - Etienne Victoria - 05-19-2010

Hi all,

Browsing the HHC 2009 attendees list, I was looking at the presentation topics.

Wild guess just for fun: Cyrille would present a woodwork model of the next Hp RPL calculator as shown by the title "Return to RPL".

Just a wild guess of course, I have no information from or link to HP.

Let us know your thoughts :-)


Re: HHC 2009: Guessing - Tim Wessman - 05-19-2010

Basically, they asked me what cyrille was talking about, and he didn't quite know for certain, so I just said "woodworking 101" so there would be something. . .

Sorry to disappoint. ;-)


Re: HHC 2009: Guessing - Etienne Victoria - 05-20-2010

Thanks Tim,

But how about 142164808C ??

To me, this is a clear return to RPL :-)



Re: HHC 2009: Guessing - PeterP - 05-20-2010

Do we have a confirmed locatn and Agenda already? Where does one sign up?



Re: HHC 2010: Guessing - Gene Wright - 05-20-2010

See my answer here:


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