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HP 41CX catalog function etc. - John Sell - 04-27-1999

I am the proud new owner of a HP 41CX. I do not have an owners manual for this calculator though I do have the 41C/CV manual. Using the method given for executing functions from the built in catalog for the CV doesn't work on my CX. Specifically if I call up "beep" in "catalog 3" and try to execute it from the display it won't do it. It executes fine from the keyboard. I have tried every method I can think of. Similarly if I try to put 10 on the stack and call up 1/X from the catalog I cannot get it to execute. What I would really like it to get the correct manual but I cannot locate a source. For now this thing is VERY frustrating. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Re: HP 41CX catalog function etc. - Dan Grelinger - 04-27-1999

John, It sounds to me like you have misread the HP-41C/CV manual. It is not possible to execute functions from the "catalog" on any HP-41, regardless of model. These are the normal ways to execute a function; 1. If it has a key on the keyboard, press this key (without the USER, ALPHA, or PROG modes set) 2. XEQ ALPHA function name ALPHA 3. Load the function name (limited to six character or less functions) into the ALPHA REGISTER, ASTO into any other register, and XEQ IND (press gold key) register name 4. ASN ALPHA function name ALPHA to any key, and enter user mode and press the key.

Re: HP 41CX catalog function etc. - Wayne Brown - 04-27-1999

As Dan said, the built-in functions in catalog 3 and the plug-in module functions in catalog 2 can't be executed from a catalog list. However, if you have user programs loaded into program memory, then you can execute them like this:

1. List catalog 1. 2. Stop the list with the name of the program you want in the display. 3. Press the backspace key. 4. Press the run/stop (R/S) key.

This works because listing catalog 1 and pressing backspace leaves the program pointer at the beginning of the program listed in the display. It's the equivalent of doing GTO ALPHA program name ALPHA. Since listing catalogs 2 and 3 doesn't pull the listed functions into program memory, you can't use this method to execute them. (Although, if you use the COPY function to copy a function from catalog 2 into program memory, then you can execute it from catalog 1 with the above procedure.)

Re: HP 41CX catalog function etc. - John Sell - 04-28-1999

Thanks Wayne and Dan for your responses to my post. I'm still a little confused however. The HP 41C/CV manual that I have states:

"Pressing CATALOG followed by 1,2,or 3 causes the display to cycle through the catalog designated. During a catalog display, pressing any key other than ON or R/S will slow the listing , and pressing R/S will halt the listing……….

Pressing SST displays the next item in the catalog Pressing 2nd BST displays the previous item in the catalog Pressing R/S resumes the catalog display Pressing any other key terminates the catalog display and executes the appropriate function."

It is the last statement, "executes the appropriate function," that led me to believe that it executed the displayed function, I guess not. My HP 42S does exactly that and it is a feature that I use all the time. I guess it is an "improvement" over the 41 in that regard.

Re: HP 41CX catalog function etc. - Dan Grelinger - 04-28-1999

The "appropriate function" the manual refers to is the one associated with the "other key" that is pressed when the catalog is paused with R/S. Hopefully that clears up the confusion.

Re: HP 41CX catalog function etc. - John Sell - 04-30-1999

Confusion is cleared up. Thanks Dan.