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Yahoo! Finally got me a HP-70 - Michael de Estrada - 04-21-2010

Well, after wondering if I'd find a nice HP-70 to fill in the biggest hole in my collection, I finally found one in perfect working condition with only missing silver trim at the top of the keyboard to make it less than perfect cosmetically. I had recently passed on an auction that ended up selling for nearly a grand, and another one which had a missing battery cover (unique color to the HP-70) and had a reserve (I hate reserve auctions and don't bid on them). There was another auction in which the calculator had been butchered by soldering wires to the battery contacts, and I didn't even bother with that one.

So now, I feel that my collection is complete to the extent that it meets my desire to have all the HP LED models from the classics onwards. Well, not truly complete in that I lack an HP-81, although I do have an HP-46, and then there's the unreleased HP-95C....

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Re: Yahoo! Finally got me a HP-70 - Michael Meyer - 04-21-2010

Congratulations!!! I had mixed feelings about bidding for one. It's a key item missing in my collection, now that I have a working HP-10 and working (finally) HP-29C, but so expensive. And, it gives me something to strive for to actually complete the collection. I mean, now that you've got one, you need to start over and make sure you have a "spare"....!! You don't want to be "done" collecting, now, do you?

I did get a broken Panasonic 850 in the mail today. Battery pack worked, fuse was good, but no continuity in the switch. Easy fix. The vacuum tubes even have an 8th segment to complete the tail of the crossed "4". What a cool machine! Manual courtesy of Katie (Thanks!)

Congratulations on your 70!!

Things that are missing... - Gene Wright - 04-21-2010

So, what are the holes in your collections?

The holes in my collection are:

HP-35A red dot
HP-95c (ha!)

I have had an HP-10A and an HP-35A red dot, but I feel guilty not converting them to cash when I see the eyes of my family showing hunger. (kidding about the hunger, but not the guilt).

Otherwise, all the models are represented. I don't have all color combinations, for example, only the yellow/blue HP-32SII rather than the ugly teal/purple. I'm not THAT much of a collector nut. ;-)

And, yes, I know that the HP-70, HP-92 and HP-01 I have are worth a good penny...I just haven't felt quite that guilty yet.

Re: Things that are missing... - Michael de Estrada - 04-21-2010

I guess that I should have clarified that I'm only interested in RPN calculators, so I also lack the HP-10 and HP-01, but have no intent on acquiring them. I do have an HP-35 Red Dot, which is a complete set with all original accessories as well as a complete HP-92. I know that there are a few MoHPC forumites who have the HP-81 and HP-95C, so I'll probably have to ingratiate myself with one of them if I ever hope to acquire those models.

Re: Things that are missing... - Katie Wasserman - 04-21-2010


Does that include the 94 d/e/f? Do you collect the larger machines like the 46, 81, 9805 and the really big stuff?

I'd rally like to find a 9805 and an affordable 01, but otherwise I think I'm fully collected as far as my HP calculators go.


Re: Things that are missing... - Gene Wright - 04-21-2010

Ah, no 94 models and not the 46/81 (although I have had one of both of those before).

Of the really big guys, I have a 9820 given to me when I helped someone sell an HP 9100.

Really, though, it needs to be a handheld to be on my list. . . and the 94's don't count to me. ;-)

So, the 3 listed are the only ones on my list I don't have. Not really looking hard. :-)

Re: Things that are missing... - db (martinez, ca.) - 04-22-2010

Last time you mentioned it i think you only had one. Do you now have a pair royal of 94s? - db

And BTW: if anyone has a spare 70, 86 or 9100, wants a 94, and is going to the HHC-- lets talk.

Re: Yahoo! Finally got me a HP-70 - Matthias Wehrli - 04-22-2010

WHat? You don't have a HP-95C? I got mine 2 month ago ;)

Re: Things that are missing... - Katie Wasserman - 04-22-2010


Do you now have a pair royal of 94s

Three-of a kind, the d, e and f.

I wrote a really, really bad sort-of-HP-35 simulator for them in BASIC just so that I could call them calculators and stick them in my collection.

Dave's footnote:

(4) If you really want to impress your collecting friends, collect one each of the HP-94D, HP-94E, and HP-94F.

However, I think that this isn't so since most collectors don't consider these HP collectibles, much less calculators. They're just a weird artifact from the mid 1980's that got lumped with calculators because of their model number.


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Re: Yahoo! Finally got me a HP-70 - Michael de Estrada - 04-22-2010

Congratulations! Of all the models that I lack, that is the one I would most like to have. How did you find it, auction, private sale, another collector? Is it in good working order, or at least repairable? Although I am willing to collect calculators that are not perfect cosmetically, I want them all to be fully functional.

Re: Yahoo! Finally got me a HP-70 - Juergen Keller - 04-22-2010

Wow, this is the really rare stuff! Glad to hear that there is one near me, so at least there is a chance that I can get a glimpse of it :-)

Re: Yahoo! Finally got me a HP-70 - Keith Midson - 04-22-2010

My HP70 arrived today! It's in excellent condition and didn't come from that auction site. I am very excited - only a few holes left in my collection now.
Also just picked up an early serial number 35 (1143) and an old HP97, complete with a whole bunch of stuff.
I am a very happy collector right now! Cheers, Keith

Re: Yahoo! Finally got me a HP-70 - Michael de Estrada - 04-23-2010

Fantastic! Sounds like you hit the jackpot. Does the HP-35 have the buggy ROM? How did you find your calculators?


Re: Yahoo! Finally got me a HP-70 - Keith Midson - 04-23-2010

Thanks Michael,
I only quickly checked the LN2 EXP one (2.00/2.02), and it has that bug - haven't checked the others yet. Word has spread around my local University and some old HP stuff is coming out of deep storage!! My 70 came from the other side of the planet thanks to this forum though.
Cheers, Keith