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HP 65 Service Manual - ClausB - 03-31-2010

Is a service manual available anywhere for the 65?

I read in one of the forum archives that someone made a schematic of the 65, but I can't find that post again. Can anyone help?


Re: HP 65 Service Manual - John Robinson - 03-31-2010

Hi Claus,

Complete schematics as drawn by Tony Duell can be found on the PPC CD/DVDs - contact Jake Schwartz for those. See PPC DVD

Also, I have redrawn the DC-DC converted schematic using a CAD tool, and you can find that at : 65 DC DC converter


Re: HP 65 Service Manual - Eric Smith - 04-01-2010

Are you sure they're on Jake's PPC disks? I thought Tony's schematics were only on the HPCC Schematics CD.

Re: HP 65 Service Manual - ClausB - 04-01-2010

I saw your schematics and posts on Jacque's site - very nice. I await your next "best practices" post.

I got the PPC DVD yesterday and could not find the schematic. Is it in the UK PPC section?

Re: HP 65 Service Manual - John Robinson - 04-01-2010

I could be (probably are) wrong about which CDs. I'll have to dig them out over the weekend and let you know, unless someone else has a definative answer before I get back to you.


Re: HP 65 Service Manual - Etienne Victoria - 04-01-2010

Hi Claus, John, all,

I have ordered Tony Duell's schematics CD from the HPCC user club:


(Your contact is Dave Colver)

and wholeheartedly recommend this purchase.

Tony's extensive work has helped me in almost ever repair I have done those past years.

Thanks to the Hacker in Residence.


Edited: 1 Apr 2010, 1:02 p.m.

Re: HP 65 Service Manual - Jake Schwartz - 04-01-2010

Right you are....Tony's handiwork is not on my disk(s), just the one available from HPCC.


Re: HP 65 Service Manual - ClausB - 04-01-2010

OK, so I've bought the PPC DVD and the Museum DVDs and I still don't have what I need. Was there ever an HP Service Manual? Has it ever been scanned and posted? Seems hard to believe if the answers are no.

Edit: Sorry for the tone. I just got frustrated. Thanks to you all for helping.

Edited: 1 Apr 2010, 7:53 p.m.

Re: HP 65 Service Manual - Eric Smith - 04-01-2010

There almost certainly was an actual HP service manual for the HP-65, but service manuals for APD and Corvallis Division products were never supposed to be available to customers. (There was a screwup somewhere that led to the HP-75 service manual being orderable.)

The other service manuals that are in the wild were leaked. It's possible that a few more might turn up in the future, but don't hold your breath. As far as I've been able to find out, talking to both current and former HP employees, it is very likely that HP themselves no longer have the service manuals nor any other technical documents relating to old calculators.

What exactly are you trying to find out, anyhow?

Edited: 1 Apr 2010, 10:09 p.m.

Re: HP 65 Service Manual - ClausB - 04-02-2010

I'm surprised, given the devotion of HP owners, that one has not survived. Maybe service manuals were rare because the calculators never broke!

Well I have a broken one and I want to fix it. I found some good info from John and Jacques about the power supply and I suppose that's the best place to start. I just thought I would collect all the info available before starting the repair. Once I start, there will be many more questions posted, I expect.

Re: HP 65 Service Manual - Eric Smith - 04-02-2010

They're rare because HP did a very good job of keeping them from getting into the hands of customers. Other than the HP-75, most of the service manuals that have been found and scanned were leaked many years after the discontinuance of the model. However, that became nearly impossible for the old models after calculator responsibility was transferred from Corvallis to Singapore, because everything that wasn't relevant to then-current models was destroyed.