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Educalc? - John Kercheval - 04-08-2002

I guess Educalc is dead. Can anyone suggest a similar vendor?



What about CalcPro? - Ion Abraham (New Mexico USA) - 04-09-2002

Well, I've bought a few things from CalcPro, and they were
very nice. Of course, there will never be another EduCalc.

Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Re: What about CalcPro? - John Kercheval - 04-11-2002

Thanks. I'll check them out.

John Kercheval

Re: What about CalcPro? - John Kercheval - 04-19-2002

Good place! The formatting they use in their catalogs is very similar to Educalc &

They are in Corvalis!

John Kercheval