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Is peace of mind worth $150 ? - Michael de Estrada - 03-18-2010

We've all heard the horror stories of Woodstocks being destroyed by the sketchy charging system. While it's questionable whether charging a good battery inside the calculator with the calculator turned off will result in eventual damage or failure, it is nerve-racking to contemplate ruining one of my good units given the near impossibility of replacement. As I've posted before, it seems to me that the Woodstock line is rapidly becoming the rarest of vintage calculators, since most have been ruined through neglect and misuse. I don't like to use disposable 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, due to the higher voltage, and only use 1.2V AA flat top NiCads. Since I weld a jumper between the two battery cells at the spring end to ensure good electrical continuity, charging the individual cells in an external charger is not an option. So I finally bit the bullet, and paid nearly $150 for a Woodstock external charger (powerpack), so that from now on a charger will never be attached to any of my Woodstocks. Am I being overly cautious and did I spend too much for my peace of mind?

Re: Is peace of mind worth $150 ? - Håkan Thörngren - 03-18-2010

$150 is not much to pay for peace of mind. I would like to own a Woodstock also, as I have none.

I payed a hefty sum for a NOS HP-41CX to be used as a backup for the old (very nice condition) one I hardly dared to use. Then I could start to use it without worrying.

However, I soon started to think, what happens if it breaks? Then I only have the backup and would be afraid to use it. So I bit the bullet and bought a backup for the backup! Also a NOS HP-41CX for the same hefty sum.

Now I am not afraid that I will run out of HP-41 for the rest of my life. That is peace of mind for me and it was worth the hefty price tag (times two) that I paid!

Re: Is peace of mind worth $150 ? - Alberto Fenini - 03-18-2010

Naaaa, I don't think you have spent too much, since I was the one bidding against you, I was ready to spend the same money... Congratulations ! BTW, I was just doing it because of the box, since I already have a working external charger for the woodstock... would you sell me just the box ? Take care Alberto

Re: Is peace of mind worth $150 ? - Michael de Estrada - 03-18-2010


Check your email.


Re: Is peace of mind worth $150 ? - Ángel Martin - 03-18-2010

I too have a triad of CX's... but more and more I use the virtual rendition (V41) and recently got myself an iPodTouch just because of i41CX - so the real machines are even better preserved ;)

Re: Is peace of mind worth $150 ? - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 03-18-2010


I ruined one HP-25 by charging in the unit. Then I spent about $150 to replace it with a HP-25C. With it I only use AA batteries, but would love to have an external charger for it. I gave the broken HP-25 to Randy so he could use the parts to save other woodstock. I almost wish I had hung onto it and turned it into an external charger.

My philosophy is "as long as the wife is okay" then I didn't spent too much ;)


Re: Is peace of mind worth $150 ? - Michael de Estrada - 03-18-2010

Actually, I've been using a duplicate HP-22 as a battery charger for my other Woodstocks, so at worst I was going to ruin that one. Still, I'd rather not ruin anything. All my Woodstocks are in perfect working condition, as well as excellent cosmetically, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Re: Is peace of mind worth $150 ? - juan demin - 03-24-2010

I fully agree with you Michael... that's not a big sum of money to keep peace of mind... well done!!