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fair Value on HP-35 - aj04062 - 03-10-2010

Anyone have any thoughts on what a fair value on a std HP-35 would be with charger and case?

$100 a good deal. I know you can pay more.

Re: fair Value on HP-35 - tim m. - 03-10-2010

I paid roughly $120 for a '35 (early second version) in good working condition including all accessories (some well-used) as well as original sales receipts and other documentation from the original owner.

So, if the '35 on offer for you is in working condition, I think $100 would be a good deal--especially considering that the market may be a bit bullish lately from what I've been reading on the forum.


Re: fair Value on HP-35 - aj04062 - 03-11-2010


I haven't made the offer, but I was thinking of starting there and see where it goes.