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How sweet it is! - Namir - 03-05-2010

I was browsing in the list of user contributed programs on the current museum documentation DVD/ Some of these titles looked awful familiar! When I opened the files for these program I almost fell off my chair! They were programs I wrote and submitted to Corvallis 30 years ago!!! It was so nice to see them again. I will take the time and enter them again in my machines.

Whoever scanned these programs I offer my deepest thanks!!!!


Re: How sweet it is! - Xavier A. (Brazil) - 03-06-2010

How happy you are! :)

Re: How sweet it is! - Namir - 03-06-2010


It is like meeting an old friend. I used to travel a lot for this water treatment company I worked for. While on the road, I'd sit after dinner in the hotel room and write HP-41C programs that I submitted to the User's Library in Corvallis.

I also realized that several of my old programs came with the .RAW files. This makes loading them on the 41 emulator a snap!!