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Sick HP42S - Chuck Galloway - 03-04-2010

Virtually all function keys on the right column (+, -, x, /) have stopped working. In addition, this evening powering-up became sporatic. Is there an easy fix for this?

Re: Sick HP42S - tim m. - 03-05-2010

Sounds like a loose connection to the matrix keypad.

Re: Sick HP42S - Geoff Quickfall - 03-05-2010

Press down just under the LCD panel above the top row of keys.

While pressing at this point depress the faulty keys. They should work. If so it is the physical connection between the keyboard pca and logic pca via the flex pcb. This means the foam pressure pad completing the connection is desintigrating and needs replacement.

Only way is to enter the calculator.

Got to go to work.

Cheers, Geoff

Re: Sick HP42S - Chuck Galloway - 03-06-2010

That did it Geoff. Thanks for the tip.

Re: Sick HP42S - Nicholas Cole - 03-17-2010

That solution worked for a HP40G which doesn't want to switch on.

Apart from opening it up to change the foam pad, any tips for the repair ?

Thanks in advance, Nicholas