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Notes on installing EMU41P on Portable Plus - John AS (UK) - 03-04-2010

Thanks to J-F Garnier for the EMU41P package:http://www.jeffcalc.hp41.eu/hpplus/index.html . Here are my notes on installation.


HP Portable Plus (110+) with 1MB memory module, set to give 512KB user RAM and the remainder as EDSIK (drive A:)

82169A HPIB/HP-IL convertor (all switches to 0)

9122D floppy drive (supports SS-80)

Double sided / double density floppy disks (aka 720k)

1. Format a DOS floppy on the Portable Plus

format c: /y

The /y option uses 512 byte sectors. The resulting floppy can be used on PC under XP (and probably Linux too), appears to be 693kB rather than 720kB, due to having less tracks (77 rather than 80).

2. On PC create subdirectory \emu41 and copy in emu41p.exe and all the .bin files, renaming those to match the emu41.ini file (see below).

3. Create emu41.ini in Notepad, here is one I used:


0 12 a:\emu41\rom41cx.bin

3 4 a:\emu41\cxfcn.bin

5 8 a:\emu41\cxtime.bin

6 4 a:\emu41\prter1e.bin

7 4 a:\emu41\hpil1h.bin

8 4 a:\emu41\xio1a.bin

9 4 a:\emu41\ccd_osx.bin

10 12 a:\emu41\adv41b.bin







4. On Portable Plus copy contents of floppy (C:) to EDISK (A:), into directory a:\emu41

5. Run EMU41p and enjoy!

I have had the Portable Plus for years, but only recently also have a 9114A. This works fine under EMU41P as a Filbert drive. I assume I could have created the DOS floppy above on the 9114A instead of the 9122D, but it was out on loan at the time.