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NiCd Lady Company Review (battery rebuild) - Egan Ford - 12-29-2009

Following a tip from this forum I sent in my 82161A battery to NiCd Lady Company (http://www.nicdlady.com/) to be rebuilt.

The process was fairly straightforward:

  1. Check their list for your battery (http://www.nicdladyonline.com/rebuilding/photo-power.html). BTW, the prices are either outdated or updated. The chart indicates that I should have paid $28.
  2. Blindly send in your battery with a letter requesting that they rebuild your battery. Put in the letter your return address, phone number, and email address.
  3. Pray it does not disappear.
A few days after I did this I got an email stating that they were backlogged and to expect an email or call in 6-8 weeks.

8 weeks later I was informed via email that my battery was rebuilt. I was asked to call to make arrangements for payment.

I called, handed over a VISA number, and was charged a total of $19.95 for the rebuild and return shipping.

A few days later it arrived. Clearly all the batteries were replaced and the case looks like it was opened and closed by a surgeon. Excellent workmanship.

I just tested the battery in my cassette drive. Finally NEWM 100 does not fail.

$19.95 was the cheapest price I could find (unless I wanted to do it myself), and the return shipping was included. If you do not mind waiting (I was in no hurry), then give NiCd Lady a go.

Edited: 29 Dec 2009, 7:27 p.m.

Re: NiCd Lady Company Review (battery rebuild) - designnut - 12-29-2009

Most people do not renew Nicad cells, rather they opt for NiMh cells. I have had such good experience with Sanyo Eneloop low discharge rate cells. I used to keep 2 4 cell chargers busy trying to keep up with self discharge, now a dozen AA and AAA cells suffice and seldom need recharge. I have shells that allow AA to fill the need for D cells, handy. We use few primary cells any more. You can reliably take a camera that has set around for months and expect it to perform. Sam