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Use of Armor-All? - tim m. - 12-13-2009

I saw this mentioned in another thread discussing proper cleaning of screen-printed keypad surrounds. I was wondering if anyone has used Armor-All on the cases of their Classic series calculators and could tell what effect--if any--the product had. Outside of my car, I've used Armor-All on plastics with good results and was thinking of using a smidge on my 35.


Re: Use of Armor-All? - Michael Meyer - 12-13-2009

Tim, I think you'll be pleased with the results. I spray a very light amount on a clean, non-abrasive rag and wipe lightly over the entire machine-- display, case, between keys, etc. Then lightly buff off any excess. I began to do this many years ago, and none of the calculators I've cleaned/polished with this method have had any problems. I've even used heavier amounts to removed the discoloration resulting from harsher cleaners or alcohol when they've hurt the finish on calcs I've bought.

Let us know how it turns out! Michael

Re: Use of Armor-All? - Hal Bitton in Boise - 12-13-2009


I used it on a 67 a while back, with beautiful results.

best, hal

Re: Use of Armor-All? - tim m. - 12-13-2009

Thanks for the suggestions, all.

I just applied a light coat of Armor-All to the case and keyboard (which I had previously cleaned); both are much shinier and nicer-looking now. I avoided applying to the display crystal, as I was worried that transparent plastics would be clouded by the product. I had previously polished the crystal with Poly-Watch and it looks good now as-is.


Re: Use of Armor-All? - db (martinez, ca.) - 12-14-2009

Keep us posted on the condition of the case please. I've had universally bad feedback, and bad results the time i tried it, using armor all on old padded dashboards. For that type of soft plastic in a hot sunny place; armor all seems to make it look like new, then it shrinks and cracks. The case may be a different plastic and it sure gets less sun but I'd like to know how your experiment turns out in a year - before i try it with mine ;-)

Re: Use of Armor-All? - tim m. - 12-14-2009

Check Message #2. Seems at least one member here has had good results over many years. Perhaps the trick is only the lightest of applications.

I've also used the stuff in my car, which is now five years old with vinyl and plastic un-cracked.


Re: Use of Armor-All? - Katie Wasserman - 12-14-2009


I've been using Novus #1 plastic polish/cleaner for years -- it's never damaged anything. The perfect thing to clean and restore that "new look" to calculators. It's cheap and easy to find (online at least).


Re: Use of Armor-All? - db (martinez, ca.) - 12-14-2009

Hey KT;
Yes; that Novus polish is great. I got a pack with the coarse, medium and fine and it is - fine. I even used it on the screen for a...........Novus.

The bad results with armor all that i had was on sun baked plastic, not new or newish stuff. It's treated Dr. Mike OK. I'll figure then that it'll work well on a relatively pampered calculator case for me too.

Re: Use of Armor-All? - bill platt - 12-14-2009

Hi Katie,

Maybe the Novus would be good for scratched automobile speedometer screens. Mine is all scratched from people wiping dust off...can never understand why they don't make the screen vertical!

Plastic cleaners and polish - Karl Schneider - 12-14-2009

Maybe the Novus would be good for scratched automobile speedometer screens. Mine is all scratched from people wiping dust off...can never understand why they don't make the screen vertical!

Bill --

The mounting of gauges on older cars tended to be more plain and strightforward in that respect, but modern cars have recessed clusters behind a curved screen for the same reason we discussed in a very recent thread: to prevent reflective glare -- from sunlight or headlights behind, passing through the rear windshield.

I recently used Meguiar's Clear Plastic Cleaner to remove fine scratches from an instrument cluster screen. They also sell separate Clear Plastic Polish and Clear Plastic Detailer.

-- KS

Re: Plastic cleaners and polish - tim m. - 12-14-2009

Another option would be Poly-Watch, which is designed for polishing acrylic (not celluloid) watch crystals. The stuff works very well for removing light surface scratches with a few minutes' worth of elbow grease.