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Wristwatch Gadget [OT ish] - Mike T. - 12-07-2009

Anybody who thought that the HP01 was a technological masterpiece might be interested in this wristwatch phone. The two way radio has been superseded by a video phone but it still looks like looks like the perfect accessory for any budding Dick Tracy...

Even though I've become rather used to the advances in technology these days, and despite the fact that it is a bit on the large side, this is still an impressive bit of kit. I find the number of features that the manufacturer has managed to cram into such a small device amazing and rather like the way that you change the display and select the mode by dragging you finger sideways over the display. (I wonder if it will be possible to load your own applications..?)

Mike T.

Re: Wristwatch Gadget [OT ish] - Anders Peterson - 12-07-2009

Very cool. I wonder if they will be releasing a shoe next :)

I honestly saw this already in some list of gadget gifts for the holidays last week, and it did not phase me (or interest me). However, giving it proper consideration, it is a pretty impressive accomplishment. This is part of the future we were supposed to have seen already. Will flying cars and intelligent housekeeping robots be next? I think this thing missed its chance to make a splash by not being released before the end of the 20th century (or at least before the proliferation of bluetooth headsets). Phones are already tiny, and can do a zillion different things (email, internet browsing, run 42s simulators, etc.). People probably don't want to give all that up for a wrist strap.

Re: Wristwatch Gadget [OT ish] - Martin Pinckney - 12-07-2009

I found it listed for $1000 - $1300.