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Deoxit: now that I have it, how do I use it? - Michael Meyer - 12-01-2009

I just got a bottle of Deoxit D100L (100% solution). I also picked up some small syringes, so I can drop small amounts on pinpoint areas.

Let's say that I drop a small amount into an HP-25 keyboard hole for a misbehaving key. Do I need to rinse the stuff out, or is it safe to just drip a tiny bit into the holes?

If I clean a whole circuit board, what is the best way to do this? (The stuff is so expensive). I was thinking about using a zip-lock bag (not supposed to hurt plastic) so that I can re-use the bag to clean many boards.

If I choose to dilute the solution, what solvent should I use-- just water?

Thanks... I couldn't find the answers to this, even on the Deoxit site and forum.

Re: Deoxit: now that I have it, how do I use it? - Allen - 12-01-2009

IIRC, the deoxit gold is better for cleaning. The standard RED solution is good for prevention/treating. I have many battery terminals of my calculators (in my collection) treated with Deoxit.

IMHO, The best application is with a lint-free brush.

You don't need much- literally only a few hundred atoms thick will suffice for treating surfaces. Any more and it just becomes a dust magnet. Although, I've never used it as a "bluk" cleaning solution to dip boards in....

Re: Deoxit: some early success - Michael Meyer - 12-01-2009

Well, the HP-25 with a couple of poor keys works perfectly now. I used a syringe and put a micro-drop in the holes of the failing keys, let it soak a few hours, then flushed them with a little contact cleaner.

I also used the syringe to coat the board of a badly corroded HP-10. I'll report on it in a few days.

Still wondering what solvent I could use to soak a whole board...

Re: Deoxit: some early success - Katie Wasserman - 12-01-2009

MCM Electronics sells the full line (I think) of this stuff. I use it in the pen and the 25ml needle tip bottle for all the cleaning/repairing that I do. They also have it in a spray can of various concentrations. Often it's on sale for half price, nothing now but keep checking: here


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