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MLDL2000 update - Meindert Kuipers - 11-03-2009

It has been a long time since my last update about the MLDL2000. It does not mean that I have not been busy, but unfortunately not with the MLDL2000. There has been some progres however:

Most important, the hardware design is done, expect for one small item, and I have done some trial layouts

Unfortunately the layout trials did not go very well. Due to the increased complexity I cannot manage to make a reliable design that fits in a cardreader. Added to that is the issue how to access the SD (micro) card in the cardreader, for which I could not find a good solution. Therefore the new MLDL2000 will be based on on a single PCB, that has to be mounted in an external housing. The good news is that the costs will be considerably lower. I will try to finalize the layout in the next month or so, if my spare time allows. More news to follow

I have been updating the specs of the MLDL2000V2, and should be able to publish a first draft within a few weeks

Work has been done on the software side as well. A new M2kM will be published with a completely overhauled disassembler, that allows for configurable disassembly listings. This will also take a few more weeks.

Finally I have upgraded my old PC and bought a new one. Of course it had to be an HP, this time with Windows 7. It runs really nice, and even the MLDL2000 runs good on it, but remember to download the latest FTDI drivers. No changes appear to be needed.

Also I am considering to make a version of M2kM for Linux. If you are interested in this let me know. I need to port the software (written in Delphi) to Lazarus, and I have no idea how much effort that might be. If nobody wnats this, then I will not do this of course.

Your feedback is appreciated,


Re: MLDL2000 update - Ángel Martin - 11-05-2009

Hey Meindert, thanks for the update news. I personally don't think an external box represents any issues, well worth the admission price to have SD card support. Great news to hear you're improving the SW as well, can't wait to have a look at the new features. Let me know if you need beta testers :)