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HP 17BII+ BUG - NACHO - 10-22-2009


If Appointment selected for example APPT1 ( entered DATE & TIME ).

Then If an ERROR appears when calculating, eg ERROR: /0

Then Appointment is executed and ALARM Sounds.

This doesn't happen with a normal 17BII.


Re: HP 17BII+ BUG - Don Shepherd - 10-22-2009

I tried this on both my brown/gold + and the new gray + and did not see any problems. It did beep when I divided by 0, but I think that is normal and has nothing to do with appointments. What do you mean by "the appointment is executed?"

Re: HP 17BII+ BUG - NACHO - 10-22-2009

Hello Don,

try that:

Go to Time menu.

Select APPT Menu.

Select for example APT1: then enter a date ( must be the same day for example today 22 and an hour )

Then You will see SET:1

OK, go to main menu...no ERROR answer when 1 INPUT 0 / done...

Go to Math menu and Press PI key and then N! to create an error...

It will return N! N<0 or N NONINTEGER

Then press 1 or 2 or one number KEY... it will activate the appointment and alarm will sound...

Hope it is better explained


Re: HP 17BII+ BUG - Don Shepherd - 10-22-2009

OK, I see what you are saying.