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"Hard Problems" Moves to Television - Egan Ford - 09-16-2009


Edited: 16 Sept 2009, 9:07 p.m. after one or more responses were posted

Re: Hard Problems Moves to Television - Walter B - 09-16-2009

Nice example showing why it's sometimes a hard problem for us foreigners to decode what is meant. The original reads > Hard Problems Moves to Television <. If the title of this post here would read > "Hard Problems" Moves to Television < it would be easier guessing what the author wanted to address.

Re: Hard Problems Moves to Television - Ángel Martin - 09-17-2009

not sure that I see the subtlety - either I'm a bad example of a "foreigner" or I miss the point altogether. Anyway it's an interesting piece of news, thanks for posting it.

Re: Hard Problems Moves to Television - Bart (UK) - 09-17-2009

Egan's title originally did not have the quotes, he put those in after Walter's comments. Making the "Hard Problems" thread a hard problem to follow? [sorry, couldn't help myself :-)].