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HP-01 and iPhone - hecube - 08-30-2009

Am I the only one finding a resemblance? Has this been discussed?

Re: HP-01 and iPhone - DaveJ - 08-30-2009

Sorry, I don't see any resemblance at all!


Re: HP-01 and iPhone - Etienne Victoria - 08-31-2009

Yep, they both display the time on their welcome screen :-))



Re: HP-01 and iPhone - Howard Owen - 08-31-2009

One of Apple's co-founders worked at HP at one time?

Re: HP-01 and iPhone - Reth - 08-31-2009

It depends on what you were smoking when you saw that "resemblance" of yours ;)
I'd be happy to try it out :>)

Re: HP-01 and iPhone - Geoff Quickfall - 08-31-2009


the letters hP oi are found in iPhone and that looks like HP-01?


P.S. stop drinking the hard water in Quebec, I can send you some softer water from B.C.


Edited: 31 Aug 2009, 11:26 a.m.

Re: HP-01 and iPhone - hecube - 08-31-2009

Come on!

The black plastic faceplate, the chrome/metal rounded trapezoidal edges...

Re: HP-01 and iPhone - Steve Simpkin - 08-31-2009

You know... I did not see how much they looked alike until you posted both pictures at the same time. Wow is that freaky or what.
Good catch Hecube!


Re: HP-01 and iPhone - hecube - 08-31-2009


Re: HP-01 and iPhone - Geoff Quickfall - 08-31-2009

The proverbial FOREST for the TREES!

Cheers, Geoff

Re: HP-01 and iPhone - Paul Brogger - 09-01-2009

The only similarity is price.

(Oh, wait a minute -- the HP-01 costs far more.)