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The HP-10BII - Larry Smith - 08-20-2009

The 25 was a woodstock, the 65 a classic, the 42 a pioneer. What is
the 10BII? What other calcs are part of this series? Lastly, what
is the definitive list of pioneers?

Re: The HP-10BII - Larry Smith - 08-20-2009

re: Pioneers - found a list on the web (of course) 10 minutes after
posting this. As for the 10BII - the same source classes it as a
Pioneer, but it doesn't match the Pioneer form factor at only five
buttons across rather than 6. Is it really a pioneer? Are there
any other calcs like it in the HP line-up?

Re: The HP-10BII - Gene Wright - 08-20-2009

Thankfully, no. Especially if you're talking about the first version of the 10BII.

Newest version is pretty good. Like the case, keys, colors.

Original ... not so much.

Re: The HP-10BII - hecube - 08-20-2009

Newest version is a charm to operate. It feels extra solid, key action is great and design is beautiful but I would prefer a dot-matrix display. CPU is a bit sluggish but you don't have calculate a space shuttle reentry with it so it's a non-issue.

Re: The HP-10BII - cyrille de Brébisson - 08-21-2009


definitely not a pionier,

the 10BII is in a class of it's own, it is based on brand new source code (inspired from the HP100LX calculator) and has a micorprocessor only used by the 10BII (H8).

the math part of the source has later been reused for the 33s/35s/17BII+ and 12Cplatinum version 2.

regards, cyrille

Re: The HP-10BII - Mike Morrow - 08-21-2009

I purchased two at my local Walmart for $11 each. They were on some sort of clearance sale locally a few weeks ago.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the apparent quality.

I wouldn't mind having something similar in a scientific RPN calculator (especially if it handled complex number math).

Re: The HP-10BII - Scott Newell - 08-21-2009

Cyrille, do you remember if the H8 used in the 10BII is flash or OTP?


Re: The HP-10BII - Eric Smith - 08-21-2009

Almost certainly neither Flash nor OTP. It's most likely masked ROM.