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HP-95LX config.sys & autoexec.bat - Johnny - 02-26-2002

Does somebody know how to make the HP-95LX use config.sys autoexec.bat files, that I created?
At execution of command.com they have no effect...


Re: HP-95LX config.sys & autoexec.bat - Thibaut.be - 02-27-2002

I may be wrong, but i thought these files are rom files and cannot be modified. Otherwise if you corrupt these files the 95LX won't start... for ever !



Re: HP-95LX config.sys & autoexec.bat - Johnny - 02-27-2002

Well - I think you _are_ wrong. Theese files are not to be found anywhere in either ROM or RAM.
If I make the files myselves, they are completely ignored...


Re: HP-95LX config.sys & autoexec.bat - Bill Smith - 02-27-2002

this is so speculative, that i don't consider it advice ;-).

i have both a 100LX and 200LX. they have options on reboot (using ctrl-alt-del) that allow one to pick the boot device (A:, C:, D:, etc.) for using various configs. make sure you're not booting off a ROM only drive...point to the one with your files.

good luck.

Re: HP-95LX config.sys & autoexec.bat - Bill Duncan - 02-28-2002

It's been awhile since I've done this, so this is just
from memory. Do you have a manual? I believe there is
some information there.

As I recall, it was best to create these on drive A: if you
had it, as the 95 was pretty pernickity about these files.
If the syntax wasn't just right (and they were a little
unusual I think in the config.sys) you could end up not
being able to boot. If they were on drive A:, you could
just unplug it and try again.

Of course when you had these files in place, you had to give
the machine the three finger salute to take effect. If you
don't have a manual, i can try to look it up for you.

You also had to specify the "*.EXM" files in the startup
files for them to be useable. I forget where they were
kept, but again, they had a pernickity syntax.

There used to be an ftp site with all this information
online, but they've since gone away. I think it was

Anyone else with more information?


Re: HP-95LX config.sys & autoexec.bat - Bill Duncan - 02-28-2002

I dug out my old 95 and manual (doesn't get alot of use
these days).

There is a third file specific to HP used in booting, which
is a list of hp-95 specific applications and key assignments
called "apname.lst". I think it was this that I was really
thinking about when I called it peculiar. It's a file of
comma-delimited records with filename, hex code and application name. It was this file and something about
the config.sys, which if not right would lock up the machine I think.

Anyway, you should be able to reboot it with Ctrl-Alt-Del
and get it to read the autoexec.bat and config.sys. You
might want to put a "pause" in the autoexec.bat in case of