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What happened to CCD? - Holger Veit (DE) - 02-25-2002

Just curious, what happened to the German HP users club "CCD" (Computer Club Deutschland)? I have three binders of
copies of their user magazine Prisma (last one about
end of 1984 or 85), and consider to make them available
to the community provided copyright owners will permit.
The CCD has made the famous CCD ROM.


Re: What happened to CCD? - Christoph Klug - 02-25-2002

Dear Holger,

unfortunately the German handheld computer club stopped any activities end of 80 years. Most of the former CCD members changed over to modern PC, only some work on in the field of handheld computers. Today some collectors or small user groupse exist in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but this specialised szene of people is working without any club formation. After CCD was closed I entered to HPCC (handheld portable computer club /London)this is the best solution for former CCD members. CCD creates the club journal PRISMA and some nice products for the HP-41 like the famously 8Kbyte CCD Module (programmen in mcode). This was produced from software company W&W which also created the powerfully 64 KByte RAM-BOX in card reader case, and the expanded HP-41CY with internal RAM-Box. Today W&W exist - but without any handheldcomputer activities. Best wishes from Hildesheim/Germany - Christoph Klug (author of HP-41 hardware interfacing system I/O-Board and IL2000 System)