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hp100lx - Charles Oxford - 07-31-2009

I recently bought a 100lx and already have 200lx manuals. I've looked all over the web for 100lx stuff but find only 95lx and 200lx.



Re: hp100lx - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 07-31-2009

The 100lx is closer to the 200lx than to the 95lx: same screen resolution and GUI, just some internal 200lx apps are missing from the 100lx. It should be tighter on memory than its bigger brother.

Re: hp100lx - Dave Britten - 07-31-2009

A 95LX manual would actually be a good resource to have, as there's a fairly extensive section on Lotus 123 that was left out of the 100LX and 200LX manuals.