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Printing statistics calc // 46 - Walter B - 07-18-2009

Hi all,

here's an auction showing a print of something called "model 5" looking like an HP 46 but with different keys. I haven't seen this model before, at least I don't remember. Does anybody know more about it? The photo of the relevant page is too blurred to read anything there :(

Look here.

Salvatory clause: I'm not linked to the seller.


Re: Printing statistics calc // 46 - Thomas Radtke - 07-18-2009

Could be the 9805, maybe in France just labeled 5?

Edited: 18 July 2009, 5:51 p.m.

Re: Printing statistics calc // 46 - Walter B - 07-18-2009

Thomas, thanks for the hint. You must be right. I just checked the "9805 Expanded Stat Guide" on Dave's DVD, and it even states "Model 5" on its first page. So, not only in France ...

Re: Printing statistics calc // 46 - Mark Edmonds - 07-18-2009

Yep, easy to identify from the 46 or 81 by its swappable left hand keyblock. I love the way they printed the graphs on those keys and used such "wordy" key labels! I've never seen any alternative keyblocks other than the standard one though - has anyone got any pictures or descriptions of any others please?