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Another MoHPC picture rip? - Spice_Man - 02-21-2002


But of course ! - john smith - 02-22-2002

Of course it is ! Actually, you can read "MoHP" in tiny
characters on the lower left corner of the image.

Perhaps Dave would consider doing something serious this time about it ? I feel that unless he gaves proper and exemplary punishment to the infractor, this kind or bad practice won't go away.

Also, I don't think that the seller asking for permission
or adding a note to the description is sufficient or adequate, because most potential buyers will still be mislead into thinking the actual auctioned item is in such pristine, eidetic condition.

Thanks! - Dave Hicks - 02-23-2002

He has indicated the source of the picture now.

Re: Dave DVD Availability Projection? - Frank - 02-26-2002

Hi Dave,
Can you project when the HPMOC DVD upgrade might be available?