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HP-41 printer HP-IL - Michel - 02-21-2002

Can someone tell me some models numbers of HP-IL printers to fit my HP-41CV?

Re: HP-41 printer HP-IL - Bill Smith - 02-21-2002

the two i know of are:

HP 82162A thermal printer (specifically for the calculator)
HP 2225B thinkjet printer (uses 80-column tractor sheet paper, also works with the computer interfaces)

Re: HP-41 printer HP-IL - Tony Duell - 02-21-2002

I am assuming you hae the HP82160 HPIL module. If you don't, then you'll need one to link up an HPIL printer.
Anyway, there are 2 common HPIL printers. The HP82162 is a thermal 'strip' printer. Narrow paper (24 columns), but it does allow you to plot functions, display special characters, and so on, using the commands in the 82160 module. Which other printers don't.
The HP2225B is a version of the Thinkjet with and HPIL interface. It does 80 columns, and it's fast, but the HP41 plotting (etc) functions don't work with it. Also, it doesn't print some special characters (Sigma, etc) correctly.
If you don't have the HP82160 HPIL module, then you could use an HP82143 (thermal strip printer, facilities very similar to those of the HP82162) which plugs straight into the HP41. Or the HP41 IR printer module and a HP82440 printer (which IIRC< will also handle plotting commands correctly).

Re: HP-41 printer HP-IL - Philip Reagan (Texas) - 02-21-2002

There are other means to get your HP41 to print. Using your 82160 HP-IL adapter, you can use an 82164 IL/RS232C converter to connect to any Serial device or printer, although this is a less direct approach. There is also an HP version of the old Epson MX-80 that has an HP-IL interface. I can't remember the model number off the top of my head but I think it may have been the 82905B or something close. It wasn't targeted for the HP41 but is usable because of HP-IL. The 82162 IL thermal, 82143 direct attach thermal, ThinkJet 2225B IL inkjet and 82440 IR with IR Module are your most direct paths.

Re: HP-41 printer HP-IL - David Smith - 02-21-2002

If you don't already have the printer and HP-IL module then I would recommend the HP82143A printer. It attaches directly to the calculator and is by far the most cost effective way to add a printer to the machine. It does everything the HPIL printer does.

The IR module for the 82240 printers is very hard to find and grossly overpriced when you find it... also the 82240 printers are kind of slow and klunky. Also they eat those AA cells rather fast and we all know how much they cost.

The HPIL printer is fairly hard to find and a usually costs twice what you can get a 82143A for.