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OT: Casio fx-9860g updates - Katie Wasserman - 06-20-2009

Although somewhat OT, we've discussed the Casio fx-9860g here on and off so I thought I post this.

Casio released a new version of their fx-9860g calculator a few months ago it has substantially updated firmware and a back light on the vertical format machine that is the same that they have on the "slim" format machine. They've dubbed this the fx-9860gII.

The new version adds:

- complex value matrix calculations (excellent)

- strings in their programming language (finally!)

- conversions (they could do more with this)

- more functions: various random distributions, mod functions, etc.

- support for their analog data collection module (would be nice to have, but the EA-200 is pretty expensive)

- new, alternative entry system (but sadly no RPN support)

What's really great about this upgraded machine is that you don't need to buy it. If you have the old version (like the fx-9860g slim) you can download the new firmware
here and you'll have all the new functionality for free!

Edited: 20 June 2009, 2:37 p.m.

Re: OT: Casio fx-9860g updates - Donald Williams - 06-20-2009

Thanks for the "heads up". I just got an iPhone 3GS for fathers day, and suddenly, I have too many gadgets to play with. Only a temporary condition of course.

Re: OT: Casio fx-9860g updates - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 06-21-2009

Hugh's Reckon no longer works. :(

Re: OT: Casio fx-9860g updates - hugh steers - 06-21-2009

I'll try to get a fix out for this asap.

it's because i use the OS version number to determine the slim vs non-slim key mapping. this is a bit hacky but, there no official call to tell the two models apart.

should be a quick fix tho'

incidentally, i've been working on a major rev of reckon. i'm hoping to add a programming language to it. however, right now im having trouble with the file IO.

Re: OT: Casio fx-9860g updates - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 06-21-2009

Thanks for your efforts.

I've just made some tests for the MySilicium forum: The BASIC like programming is slower then with version 1 of the operating system.


Re: OT: Casio fx-9860g updates - hugh steers - 06-21-2009

here's the fixed version,


FYI, the Casio gurus over at casiokingdom have given me a better way to detect the slim vs non-slim editions, which it now uses. ive tried it on:

1.X slim
1.X non slim emulator
2.0 slim

so far, so good.

Re: OT: Casio fx-9860g updates - Dave Boyd - 06-21-2009

That does seem to have fixed it. The only other bug in Reckon that I notice is the scroll bug, where, if an integer that takes two lines to display (say, 123456789012345678901234567890) is on the stack, starting a new entry underneath it causes the display to scroll up two lines instead of one, until ENTER is pressed. Minor, really.

Re: OT: Casio fx-9860g updates - hugh steers - 06-21-2009

Thanks for the bug report. i've added it to the list. At some point i am going to have a bug scrub and fix all these.

Also, here's something i just got working on the Casio,


let rec fac n = 
if n < 2 then 1 else n*fac (n-1)

print_string "hello world, 6! = ";
print_int (fac 6)

Still a lot to do before a release tho'. I'm hoping to integrate ML into Reckon.