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i41cx+ Time and Date - Les Wright - 06-18-2009

Does anyone here set and use the time and date functions in this App?

I am trying to set and maintain accurate time by turning on the Keep Time and Synchronize Time options, but everytime I load the app it seems that time starts afresh at midnight.

Any help to offer?

I am running the newest version under iPhone OS 3.0 on a first generation iPod touch.

Many thanks.


Re: i41cx+ Time and Date - Les Wright - 06-18-2009

So far, I only can get this to work if I set Synchronize Time OFF and Keep Time ON, and set the time and date manually in the calc. Any other combo of thes options clears the time every time I relaunch. Can't get the time to sync exactly with the system clock....

Re: i41cx+ Time and Date - Egan Ford - 06-18-2009

I have no problem with iPhone 3G/2.2.1 with latest i41CX+. I'll test with 3.0 this weekend.

Re: i41cx+ Time and Date - Les Wright - 06-18-2009

Antonio Lagana just wrote me back to advise that a bug in OS 3.0 interferes with proper time synching.

Until this is rectified (a workaround is due in i41cx+ 2.3), it seems that time must be set manually, Keep Time set ON, Synchronize Time set OFF. And even then I am finding trouble with getting i41cx+ to keep correct time....

grrrr. First OS 3.0 bug for me....