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SpeedUI units bug? - Mark Edmonds - 06-10-2009

I recently installed SpeedUI 9.05 but now I find I can't perform left-shift unit conversions in the normal manner. Is anyone with SpeedUI installed able to confirm this please?

Example sequence:

Go to the Unit menu and select Length.

Enter 1_m
Press left shift ft to convert to feet.
Nothing happens.

To convert, you need to specify the second unit and use the Convert command which is not so nice as the left shift option!



Re: SpeedUI units bug? - Raymond Del Tondo - 06-10-2009

Hello Mark,

many thanks for trying SpeedUI:-)

It seems you have found a bug, or limitation in

the key handling mechanism of the current UI lib.

As far as I can see, this problem is limited

to the leftshift and rightshift direct conversion

functions in the UNITS submenus.

I'll fix this ASAP. It may take some days,

but this issue has highest priority, of course.

Meanwhile, I hope you like the remaining parts of SpeedUI;-)



Re: SpeedUI units bug? - Mark Edmonds - 06-12-2009

Thanks Raymond :) Yes - enjoying SpeedUI a great deal and I've switched over to it and now use it without even thinking about it.

If anyone is considering SpeedUI, I highly recommend it. Yes, it does have a heavy memory footprint but the speed benefits are huge - totally excellent.