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Original boxes - Matthias Wehrli - 02-16-2002

I have a lot of original boxes of HP's, but I don't know if the HP97S has a different box from the 97A. Same problem with the HP25C and HP25A, do they have the same box?

Who has boxes to sale... I'm still interested..


Re: Original boxes - Ellis Easley - 02-17-2002

Have you ever seen this box: Ebay item # 1333481226? It is labeled "HP-41 System II". It contains an HP41CV, a card reader, a peripheral printer, AC adapter, printer paper and all the books in a large box. I never saw that before.

Re: Original boxes - Frank - 02-18-2002

25C has a different box than the 25A if I recall correctly, they wanted to market the "C" version.

Re: Original boxes - David Smith - 02-18-2002

I have both boxed HP25 and 25C units. The HP25 box is red on black. The 25C box is green on black (and says HP25C).

Re: Original boxes - Matthias Wehrli - 02-18-2002

Let me guess. You don't want to sell your 25C-box?
Does someone wants to?