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HP spy photo? - Pal G. - 05-29-2009

Greetings, Programs.

While reviewing most of the HHC2008 conference photos, I saw a nice calc on the first powerpoint slide of Cyrille's talk. I've never seen it before. It looks like an expensive SmartCalc 300s or something. Definitely in that family, and high end. I wonder if anyone at the conference knows about it. Or are we just looking at a nice picture? Or could it be the hp 60g?

Here is the photo:


And here is my version. After seeing that photo I got fired up, so I made one to look at, sans the HP logo.

(The next rendering will have better lighting and textures. And maybe an abacus.)

Link to larger, 1440 px x 900 px version.



Re: HP spy photo? - Eric Smith - 05-29-2009

I'm pretty sure that what's on Cyrille's slide is either a conceptual illustration or a photo of a non-functional model. HP has shown us various non-functional physical models at past conferences, as examples of things they might do.

Re: HP spy photo? - Jean-Michel - 05-29-2009

Hi Pal!

Welcome back to the forum with very nice renderings, as usually.
What a strange similarity between this calc and an iPhone...is this an iCalc ? :-)

Kind regards.