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New 12C question - Charles Oxford - 04-19-2009

I went to my local Fry's to get speakers so I could hear the IEEE video. I checked the calc dept and they didn't have the 20B but they had 3 12C's, 2 of which had a double length battery door visible from the top of package. Price is 69.99 USD plus 8.33% tax. No difference in the packaging of the 2 styles of 12c. Does the battery door width mean it will have the port on the back?

Re: New 12C question - Eric Smith - 04-20-2009

If it has the double-width battery door, then it uses the Atmel AT91SAM7L128 ARM processor and has a serial port in the battery compartment.

Re: New 12C question - Don Shepherd - 04-20-2009

I looked at Fry's online and they did not mention the 12c, only the Platinum. I checked Office Depot and Best Buy here in Louisville KY and they don't have the new 12c yet. Would someone be willing to buy a new 12c in an area where it is available, and send it to an interested (and pre-paying, of course) party?

Re: New 12C question - Charles Oxford - 04-20-2009

I can do that.

Charlie in Phoenix

Re: New 12C question - Sancerre (Phoenix) - 04-21-2009


Which Fry's in Phoenix was that at?