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OT: uWatch new look - hugh steers - 04-16-2009

Hi Guys!

For those with uWatches...

There's loads more stuff soon to be out on the uWatch, including a new facelift with moonphase graphics, games like chess and lunar lander as well as other exciting new features.


new VChess engine, tiny 1k memory usage, but will still give you a challenge!

Hopefully a tested release by first week of May.

Re: OT: uWatch new look - Paul Dale - 04-16-2009

Great stuff!

I'll have to figure out how to reprogram mine sometime...

- Pauli

Re: OT: uWatch new look - DaveJ - 04-16-2009

Awesome work Hugh, and the other guys involved in the firmware too.

That was just the intention when I open sourced the firmware.