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35s next to a Pioneer? - Dave Britten - 04-10-2009

Anybody got a few photos of a 35s next to a Pioneer? (Any model.) I'm just curious how they compare in terms of size. A side shot to gauge thickness would be helpful too.

Re: 35s next to a Pioneer? - Michael de Estrada - 04-10-2009


I don't have a photo, however, comparing my HP-32SII with my HP-35s, the HP-35s is approximately 3/8" taller (longer), about the same width at the ends (it bows out about 1/8" at the middle), and its thickness varies from maybe 1/8" thicker at the bottom including key button height to 1/4" thicker at the top (display end). So, overall, the HP 35s is larger. It is also heavier at 141 gm, vs. 118 gm for the HP 32SII. I'll tell you one thing for sure, the Pioneers fit a lot easier in a shirt pocket or small hand like mine than the HP-35s.


Re: 35s next to a Pioneer? - Dave Britten - 04-10-2009

That's pretty much what I was wondering: would a 35s fit as well as my 17bii into my jacket pocket or dainty hands? ;) Thanks Mike.

Re: 35s next to a Pioneer? - Walter B - 04-10-2009

Please look

Re: 35s next to a Pioneer? - Jeff Kearns - 04-10-2009

There are other high res. pictures out there showing a 15C, 32sii, 33s, and a 35s together but I can't recall whose site it is on... The 35s is a big enough machine alright, and substantially bigger with the case. It hardly fits in a suit jacket pocket with the case. I carry it mainly during the fall to spring period in a coat pocket. Otherwise, it goes in the carry bag, if at all. The Pioneer series is an ideal size (although the Voyager footprint is even better) for a jacket pocket.

Up until I saw the obove photo, I wasn't aware that that the 27s had a built-in TVM function. I wish my 32sii had a TVM function also in order to free up some memory.