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Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Michael de Estrada - 03-01-2009

I recently purchased an HP 50g after living for nearly 20 years with an HP 48SX. The HP 50g seems to have all the capabilities of the HP 48SX, except that it seems to lack the capability to print via the IR port to my HP 82240B IR thermal printer. I cannot find any printer keys or menus on the calculator, or any reference to printing in the documentation (user's guide and user's manual). Curiously, there appear to be some flags that relate to printing, such as flag 34, which toggles between "Print via IR" and "Print via wire". This is the same flag that is used in the HP 48SX, but I am thinking that this may just be vestigial for a feature (printing) that is no longer supported in the HP 50g. Anyway, if anyone can shed any light on this, I'd appreciate it.


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Re: Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Mike Morrow - 03-01-2009

Yes. AFAIK, the HP82240 printer is the ONLY one supported by the HP50g for printing, even though it is no longer sold. The B version is default, but the older A version can be used with support of the OLDPRT command.

The CAT function will show you a lot of recognizable print commands starting with PRxxx (but most listed PRxxx commands are not printer related).

If you download the HP50g User Manual and the HP49g+ Advanced User Reference, then search the pdf file for "print", you'll see all that's available.

The IR output range of the HP50g is very very short, so try again with the IR ports aligned very closely.

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Re: Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Michael de Estrada - 03-01-2009

Thanks for your help. The HP 50g user's manual, which I already have, contains nothing on this subject, however, as you point out the HP 49g+ advanced reference manual does cover this subject. I just verified functionality with the PRST (print stack) command on my 82240B printer. I find it amazing that HP makes no mention of this in either the printed or CD documentation that is included with the calculator. This is in stark contrast with the excellent detailed documentation that HP provided with my HP 48SX.

Re: Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Reth - 03-01-2009

Sure you can buy one today:


Re: Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Michael de Estrada - 03-01-2009

Actually, the HP 82240B IR printer is a very common item on ebay, and costs a lot less than the source that you list. I paid about $50 for mine several years ago, including the ac adapter and a very nice HP soft leather case, and it was in mint condition. Right now as I write there is an ebay auction going on with less than 2 hours to go for a new one in the box and the price is still under $40.

Re: Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Reth - 03-01-2009

I only pointed that they are still sold... I have one too, 18 years old now, with AC adapter and plenty of paper but haven't used it at all for the last 6-7 years. BTW Free42 does a lot better job as far as printing is concerned.


Re: Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Graham Gibbs - 03-02-2009

Hi Michael - If you press the 'APPS' button on your 50g and select '2' from the list (I/O Functions, then options 3 (print display), or 4 (print..) should be what you need. The 50g needs to be very close to the IR printer to work. Hope this helps!!


Re: Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Michael de Estrada - 03-02-2009

Thanks Graham. Yes, I didn't expect to find it there under APPS > I/O. The HP 48SX has a dedicated PRINT key, which provides direct softkey access to all the print commands. The HP 50g manuals make no mention of this topic, whereas the HP 48SX manuals cover it in detail. In fact, The HP 50g documentation is woefully inadequate on the whole I/O communication subject. I did find detailed info on printing and I/O in the HP49g+ Advanced User's Manual, which I downloaded from the HP website. HP should have included this manual on the CD that came with the HP 50g. Anyway, I've now gotten the HP 82240B IR printer to work with the HP 50g.


Re: Can an HP 50g print via IR port? - Graham Gibbs - 03-03-2009

I also struggled with the documentation. For a calculator with IR, USB and RS232 connectivity, not to have a chapter on this in the manual is scandalous!! I had to refer to a HP48 manual for help initially & keep this chapter handy for reference. Maybe one for the next update of the 50g manual? - Come on HP!! But glad you're up and running!!