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backlight? - myndflaer - 02-03-2002

Im thinking of buying an HP graphing calculator, and I was wondering: are there any with backlights?

Re: backlight? - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 02-03-2002


No HP graphing CALCULATOR is available with LCD backlight (interesting, thought...). Palms are.


Re: backlight? - Marx Pio - 02-03-2002

Adding a comment to luiz's reply,

The only way we can get a HP graphing calculator with back light is using a HP49G emulator in Casio E-125.



Re: backlight? - myndflaer - 02-03-2002

Thanks for your help!

Re: backlight? (USA) - Dia C. Tran - 02-04-2002

Backlight may shorten battery life though.