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Removing rubber feet from HP27S - Strath Clarke (Sydney, Australia) - 02-02-2009

I have a HP42S which has the bottom pair of rubber feet on one side missing. I also have a HP27S. I would like to remove the feet from the 27S and install them on the 42S. Can it be done? Is there a recommended method? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

Nooooooooo!!!! - BruceH - 02-02-2009


The 27S is every bit as much a classic calculator as the 42S and there is no good reason for ruining one, much less over something so trivial as rubber feet.

Just cut up a bicycle inner tube or something.

Edited: 2 Feb 2009, 8:55 p.m.

Re: Nooooooooo!!!! - Stefan Hauschild - 02-03-2009

That would be vandalism !

But isnĀ“t there this ebay seller who had new made rubber replacement sets for some of the voyagers?


Re: Removing rubber feet from HP27S - Randy - 02-03-2009

The better reason not to attempt it is because they (the feet) are integral to the case bottom, as in molded onto the case. Any attempt to remove them will result in unusable bits of rubber.

Edited: 3 Feb 2009, 8:42 a.m.

Re: Removing rubber feet from HP27S - Strath Clarke (Sydney, Australia) - 02-10-2009

Thanks for your comments. I have abandoned my idea of salvaging the feet from the HP-27s. I made the feet for my HP-42s from some neoprene rubber, a sharp craft knife and steel ruler, and several attempts to get the dimensions just right. The HP-27s escaped unscathed and is now for sale on eBay.