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MatLab, Maple, MathCAD - Martin Pinckney - 01-31-2009

I see a lot of references to MatLab and Maple on this forum. MathCAD seems never to be mentioned. Am I the only one here that has it, and did I miss something along the way? How do these three stack up against each other?

Just curious.

Re: MatLab, Maple, MathCAD - Ljad - 01-31-2009


Don't forget Mathematica! I used it some yars ago. I think it is partly a matter of preference.


Re: MatLab, Maple, MathCAD - Namir - 01-31-2009

While all of these packages are very good to good, Matlab seems to have a large following (count the number of Matlab books!). It is easy to use and has found a niche with many users.

All these application run circles around our good old hp calculators. I sed to dream about carrying out the kind of calculations made possible by Matlab, Maple, Mathematica, and so on.


Re: MatLab, Maple, MathCAD - Fred Lusk - 02-01-2009


I am a civil engineer with 29 years of experience and I use Mathcad once in a while. When I need to document a calculation, it's far better than Excel or a calculator. I've never used Mathematica or MatLab.

I don't use Mathcad as much as I used to because I'm not doing that much design any more (unfortunately). That's why I haven't upgraded beyond version 8--Mathcad won't help me with project management. That being said, I am current working on a Mathcad calcuation related to some factory destructive testing I witnessed for a client.

None of the young engineers I supervise have any interest in Mathcad, and only one is a good spreadsheet writer. Another one is pretty good with her HP-48GX. Their computer expertise is oriented more towards Autocad and hydraulic modeling software (water, sewer, storm drainage). I have yet to see much aptitude for creating new and unique calcualtions from scratch, which is Mathcad's forte.

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