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HPLink, DOSLink, Trans41 etc - Roland Storz - 01-29-2009

Hi all, does anybody have a clou where to get or where to download one of the above mentioned DOS exe files? Which one would be your favorite?
Many thanks in advance, Roland

Re: HPLink, DOSLink, Trans41 etc - Egan Ford - 01-29-2009

The above are all DOS-based and will only with DOS or Windows on DOS (e.g. Windows 98) or Linux with DOSEMU. IIRC, some of them have problems with faster machines.

I sent you a TOS link with the above (sans the etc... :-)


A better alternative is EMU41 and EMU71. Both support the HP-IL ISA adapter and provide a superset of functionality, with the possible exception of Link+. Link+ has the ability to emulate the HP and Mountain View HP-IL Video Interface. EMU71 has some type of video interface as well, but I am unsure if it emulates any or all the ESC codes (something that I have been meaning to test).

Another alternative primarily for the 41C is HPILCOM. It is a Windows-only (XP OK) program and requires a connection to your 41C via an RS-232 HP-IL Interface. It is not publicly available. You will have ask the author (Hans Brueggemann) to send it to you. BTW, EMU41/71 can also from XP, DOS, Linux/DOSEMU communicate via the RS-232 HP-IL Interface.

If you are a Linux user you can use Tony Duell's LIFUTIL. This provides CLI tools for 9114 formatted floppies (read and write), and tools to get and put 41/71 programs and data.

Lately I have been too lazy to setup all my HP-IL gear just to transfer programs to my 41CX. I find that using http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/41uc.htm to create barcodes and wanding them in is more convenient.