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HP-65 replacement labels? - GanjaTron - 01-26-2009

Hi folks,

I'm new to the HP calc thing after discovering an HP-65 among our lab's legacy equipment, so bear with me. Yep, it is an impressive artifact, as are the still perfectly responsive chunky clickety keys (though I actually prefer the quiet squishy type).

As expected, the card reader's pinch roller turned to crap and needs replacement (I'll try a bit of silicone tubing as used for RC model fuel lines), so I proceeded to open this baby after reading up on a few step by step guides on the web.

Despite my precautions and all the care in the world, the back label misbehaved during my intrusion, and... well, it's basically had it. The upper corners are creased and torn to the point of illegibility. Damn HP for hiding those screws under there!

I read in some earlier posts about replacement labels being available somewhere. Could someone point me in the right direction?



Re: HP-65 replacement labels? - Walter B - 01-27-2009

You may find them sometimes at that big auction site which must not be named.

Re: HP-65 replacement labels? - Michael de Estrada - 01-27-2009

Contact Ben Ong ben.ong@gmail.com in Malaysia. He has rear labels for a lot of the HP Classic series calculators. The only difference between his labels and HP OEM labels is that they don't say Made in USA or Made in Singapore at the bottom.