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HP-IL video interface - Robert - 01-29-2002

I acquired (some time ago) an HP-IL device which can supply a video signal to an external monitor. It wasn't manufactured by HP but by some other company. Anyone know anything about this unit?

Re: HP-IL video interface - Tony Duell - 01-29-2002

Is it the Mountain Computers one? If so, then it's a lot better than the HP one (it does 80*24 text, for example).
The power input is something like 9-12V AC. The HPIL connectors are obvious :-). And the RCA phono socket on the front is composite mono video, by default at US (NTSC) sync rates, but there's an escape sequence that gives UK (PAL) rates instead.
Try hooking it up and just sending some text to it (as if it was a printer). It should display it.
I have the user manual for The Mountain Computers video interface somewhere, and amazingly it includes the schematic ;-)
IIRC HP actually sold this device at one point since it was so much better than their 82163.

Re: HP-IL video interface - Robert - 01-29-2002

Yes, it was manufactured by Mountain Computer. I used it a few times with my HP-71. I acquired it in a trade for some HP-85 odds and ends (or should I say bits and pieces).

Re: HP-IL video interface - CJ - 01-30-2002

<Yes, it was manufactured by Mountain Computer.>

I have one of these. It is a Mountain Computer MC00701A HP-IL 80-Column Video Interface.

On the bottom there is a Hewlett Packard label. With Reorder No. 92198A on it.


Re: HP-IL video interface - Joe Panico - 01-30-2002


I have one without a power supply or instruction manual that someone may wish to purchase.