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Problem with my 48gx - Tom Rocks, SC - 01-16-2009

I've had my 48gx since 93. It has worked wonderfully until now: batteries ran down, it was without power for some unknown length of time. Now all I get is the "buzy" annunciator. I can't turn the calculator on or off. The annunciator shows when the new batteries are in and does not show when the batteries are out. Otherwise, I get no response. I've tried resetting memory, etc. as directed by the manual, but to no avail.

Is there anything to be done other than sending it off for service? Can anyone help or suggest anything to try?

Tom Rocks

Re: Problem with my 48gx - NACHO - 01-16-2009


A short short-cut can help the gx...

just invert the pole of one battery and insert it.

if this doesn't help diode zener or capacitor might be dead.


Edited: 16 Jan 2009, 6:51 p.m.

Re: Problem with my 48gx - Diego Diaz - 01-17-2009

Hi Tom,

You've said that you've "reset the memory"...

Do you refer to the ON + "A" +"F" procedure described in the manual?

or have you pressed the reset "button" under the upper-left rubber feet?

If you have not yet try this "hardware reset", it may still be of some help...

Good luck, and cheers from the Canary Islands.


Re: Problem with my 48gx - Randy - 01-17-2009

Nacho said:

A short short-cut can help the gx...

just invert the pole of one battery and insert it.

Shorting the battery terminals on a 48GX does nothing. Further, reversing one battery does nothing as well since it only reduces the applied voltage to approximately three volts. Regardless of the voltage applied, reversing the polarity to a 48 is a *very* bad idea so never reverse cells.

As Diego mentions, the proper method is the reset under the foot which BTW on the 48GX is the upper right foot. Only the early SX's resets were under the upper left foot.

As for the problem described, I would look the keyboard over carefully, any loose and wobbling keys can cause the problem you are experiencing. A well used '93 model is quite possibly at end of life, keyboard wise.