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New quiz - mapet - 01-24-2002

LET x== calc keys / calc id number

for example: HP 17BII

Find a HP calc with the lowest and the highest x.

calc quizz - Thibaut.be - 01-24-2002

too easy this one :

you need the highest id number, not taking into consideration the computer/calcs :

what about the 9815S ?

Re: calc quizz - Spice_Man - 01-24-2002

I think HP01 wins the highest keys/number prize.

Re: calc quizz - Marx Pio - 01-24-2002

Which HP calculator needs less pressed keys to compute cubic root?


Re: calc quizz - mapet - 01-25-2002

HP 6S - 2 ;-) ??

Re: calc quizz - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 01-25-2002


Hey, Marx and mapet; you both found at least one thing that stuff can singularly do. What bothers me is calling that stuff an HP calculator.


You got it! - Marx Pio - 01-26-2002


It is the only thing that I think 6S is useful ;)


Re: calc quizz - Marx Pio - 01-26-2002

You are right!