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Merry X-Mas: ICEBOX.ROM version 1D - Geir Isene - 12-24-2008

In version 1D I have added the functions: "A<>R" (swap Alpha and RAM registers) and "ST<>R" (swap Stack and RAM registers - including Last X). By setting flags 0-3 you can decide which registers you want to swap (starting register will be from 0 to 15 - the flag behaves like specified in the HP-41 CX manual under the X<>F function). This means that you can save three sets of stack registers or four Alpha registers for later use. Finally there is an easy way to work with several Extended Memory files and do copy/paste between them.

There are also some bug fixes (in previous versions the prompting functions were destroyed, and the GROM was faulty).

With this project I feel I can finally contribute at least something to this community.

The files are available on the UC-41 page.

Merry X-Mas everybody (the 24th is the big day in Norway).

->Geir :-)

Edited: 24 Dec 2008, 6:15 a.m.

Re: Merry X-Mas: ICEBOX.ROM version 1D - Geir Isene - 01-10-2009

Link to the rom on the UC-41 web page is corrected to now point to the correct rom version (1D) [Thanks ZOleg for noticing]