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A minor tool for the arsenal. - Paul Brogger - 12-11-2008

I was trying to clean some label goo off of a calculator display recently, and "Goo Gone" wasn't doing it alone, while I was afraid to use a fingernail.

I ended up retrieving a used fabric softener sheet from a laundry basket. After most of the aromatics have been boiled away, the softener sheets' substrate is like a loose, random nylon (or ???) mesh, with a very slightly abrasive quality.

Along with Goo Gone, it worked like a charm, and it was free. ("Free", that is, if someone near you uses fabric softener sheets in the dryer.)


Re: A minor tool for the arsenal. - MikeO - 12-18-2008

And the fresh, clean, smell of the calculator after this application is nice too!!