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Another dead Woodstock ? - Olivier TREGER - 12-07-2008


I recently acquired a 29C and the original battery pack looks dead.

When I use another pack with Duracell standard AA batteries instead, it may come to life from time to time but in this case... the far right digit displays circling segments from the bottom until it forms a zero.

Any idea?

Re: Another dead Woodstock ? - Geoff Quickfall - 12-08-2008

Now that is dead, my 21 does the exact same thing, but I bought it for the keyboard and some other electronic bits.

Cheers, Geoff

P.S. although not that apparent or maybe deadly in the woodstock series, the nicads produce 2.8 volts while a good set of alkalines produce 3.2 volts.

Now substitute 3 alkalines in the HP 65 and the difference in voltage is 4.2 volts (nicads) versus 4.8 (alkalines). This maybe enough of a difference to fry an already weak circuit board.

Others may correct me but the best thing to do, especially with the woodstocks is to charge some nicads up in a charger and then insert them into an empty original battery pack. This is easy, cut the central spine of the original battery pack where it joins with the ends and remove the old batteries; then insert the charged new batteries. Put the wall wart (adapter) away and never use it again!

Re: Another dead Woodstock ? - Olivier TREGER - 12-08-2008

I have to check if I have spare original battery packs.

Thanks for advice Geoff